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Creative Consultancy Process
what it creative consultancy does
Creative Business Strategist, Bristol

What I hope for every conversation I have, is an adventure - Krista Tippett 

this is an invitation...

To take slow-time and inhabit a space at a slower pace, at your pace where you can hear yourself think and invest in the quality of your thinking.

To develop tender courage, fierce curiosity and insight, building your agency to do things differently, defiantly.

This matters because being here now is challenging and by investing in the quality of attention you give to what you are engaging with matters. We can't invest beautiful changes into the world unless we change the quality of our thinking first. 

to think independently...

  • is a radical act

  • I believe that each of us has the innate ability to think independently; creatively, generatively and responsively beyond the common confines of our familiar thinking in which we have become stuck

  • it starts with connecting to emotions, to our bodies and to the natural world, to the ecology of the world to which we belong.

  • to reconnect and discover how we belong to and in the  world, build agency around our fundamental core values and discover what galvanises our actions and investment in being here, now

  • because YOU matter profoundly.

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My practice and approach is anchored to creating a space for deep listening, where you know you will not be interrupted. Where you have more space to think, to reflect, to breath, to feel with your ‘wild heart’. More S-P-A-C-E to spend quality time with your thinking, connect with your ethics, you values, what drives and guides you towards your uniquely beautiful, creative, and innovative thinking. 

I work with an ecology of practices, tools and strategies from the Work that Reconnects (Joanna Macy), Theory U (Otto Scharmer) and primarily The Thinking Environment 'thinking partnership' to:-


  • reframe how we identify with our place in the systems of the world. and similar tools to negotiate the heart-body-mind-spirit disconnect, many people feel in relation to the climate crisis, the constricting patterns embedded in societal and cultural norms - binary and reductionist thinking, that limit growth. 

  • to identify and move beyond the constraints of business as usual (models and thinking behaviours) to generate new thinking and access wider (wilder) knowledge, insight and wisdom

  • to spend curious time to connect with and integrate difficult feelings, our eco-empathy and our unravelling in the face of great change to reframe responsibility, care and repair

  • to re-define and invest at this tipping point and make this turning great by engaging our values and innovative thinking, and claiming agency and attentive wonder to do things differently. 

To think into what is emerging, and to be the artist and the composer of your emergent future, to feel connected with how you want to shape it shape it.  To do things differently - because I believe that “we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” Albert Einstein.


Identify what matters, what are your aims, your 'WHY'. 

the partnership...

This space is a partnership, I partner with you to support your thinking and provide a space that generates deep thinking and growing awareness.


This is not a quick fix or a 'How To' offer, it is a space of practice, to practice thinking and self-study fostering and developing inquiry, curiosity and learning. It is part of a lived practice to generate your independent thinking and deepening self-understanding. 

This coaching space fosters qualities of attention to enable you to develop your skills and confidence to think for yourself, generate fresh thinking and insightful thinking. Mind-body thinking develops generous inquiry and generates a deeper understanding of the assumptions and blocks that are limiting you and your growth. 

  • The space to think freely for yourself, to fully stretch out, explore and investigate your thinking, your values, your ideas, plans and challenges.

  • To know that you will not be interrupted or any advice given.

  • The attention that appreciates your thinking and supports you to explore and navigate your own thinking, your ideas and solutions.

how it begins...

I like to start with the commitment of 3 sessions together. This gives us the space and time to explore and investigate how and if we would like to continue working together as thinking partners. 

  • adapt it to your individual needs

  • defining and building a contract of care around your unique needs

  • building mutual trust. 

the environment...

  • Zoom or phone: your home and my home

  • walking in person together - the woods, a park, the beach, sitting on a park bench...

the breathing room...

more  space  to  b..r..e..a..t..h..e...

  • is your REFUGE.

  • gives you more  space  to  b..r..e..a..t..h..e...

  • is concerned with CARE and REPAIR.

  • offers the space to explore, for enquiry, for your independent, innovative thinking. 

  • it invites and celebrates RADICAL ACTS OF COURAGE (where the heart and your rage can co-develop). 


  • champions all of you - your full self, your feelings; your wonder, your fierce, your rage and pain, your numbness and fears and your HOPE.

  • is a space to harness the glory of the full range of yourself with generosity. 


  • and to see yourself with more generous eyes.

* available to anyone with experience of thinking pairs or who have worked with me *

This is a call for a TENDER  REVOLUTION, to rebel against the fixed, the limitations, the stuck and immobilising strategies that we are entrenched in.

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