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Mel Shearsmith Creativity and Innovation Consultant
photo credit: Elise Hurcombe

So here is a little about me.


My background and experience have been informed and shaped by the flexibility of courageous creative spaces, practices and collaborations. 

I have worked across the creative industries as an artist, dancer, writer, researcher, producer, and interdisciplinary lecturer (across the arts and business)


This history has shaped me and led me to find a coaching approach that has the capacity to offer deeper connection, create space and a pace that illuminates and foregrounds heart-led meaning-making and value reconnection. 

There is an ecology of practices that inform and ground my approach, I think of these as pillars of care:

  • twenty-five years as a somatic practitioner and dancer responding to nature and the wild (biophilia: that we are innately connected with nature and all living things) and moving in public spaces as enquiry and to challenge behavioural norms of environments, exploring ways of doing things differently. 

  • as a creative researcher, producer, teacher and lecturer in the Arts, across the Creative Industries and in academia (including seven years as an Associate Lecturer in Creative Thinking and strategies at a local university Business School).

  • grounded in the grace and courage of Nancy Klines's Time to Think approach to liberate your inner voice, this is a practice that gracefully co-creates a quality of thinking in partnership that enables innovative thinking processes to emerge,

  • Joanna Macy's Work that Reconnects practice, I have tools to engage and feel through the global environmental crisis. 

  • Otto Scharmer's Leading from the Emerging Future: from Ego-System to Eco-System Economies as systems and communities of enquiry that recognise and are anchored to practices of head, heart and hand. 

  • Charles Eisenstein's 'gift' and the more beautiful world our hearts know is posssible. 

  • The body (personal and world body) - somatic information that is grounded in our connection with the earth body

I'm an introverted HSP with a personal interest in neurodiversity, creative thinking, kinesthetic experience and movement, nature and our connection and responsibility to our bodies and to our earth body.
Primarily I am deeply concerned with the prevalent feeling of disconnect and subsequent fall out, of feeling trapped by the dominant culture and rigid systems (in the global north) that keep us separate from our heart-values, our bodies, our communities of care and from the planet and its diversity, the body of the earth and our bodily connection to it - body-mind-heart connectivity - and concerned with how each of us can reclaim and re-build this by identifying our responsibility,  to ourselves and to the planet that will both nurture, serve and repair us individually, our communities, society and to our shared planet.  
I want to work with you if you feel this call to action, to change, to be accountable and take on your mantle of responsibility to doing things differently, quietly, with courage and compassion and to transform the limiting structures that bind and smoother your potential and our potential to impact and repair the Earth together.  The space I offer is spacious - its an invitation to bring your breath, your body, your values (and to re-evaluate your values), to liberate your feelings and your thinking - I believe this is our innate ability, (we all do this differently) in connection to our feelings and to step into what you feel moved to act on behalf of. 

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes - Marcel Proust

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