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Stillness is not about focusing on nothingness; it's about creating a clearing. It's opening up an emotionally clutter-free space and allowing ourselves to feel and think and dream and question...

- Brene Brown


"When Mel says that she will “bring her fierce” she isn’t exaggerating. She is like a shaft of light that focuses directly on the task at hand in the most creative and inspiring way. I have produced work that would not have existed if it were not for Mel’s unfailing support and unique problem-solving skills. A session with Mel is like a shot of adrenaline and I walk away feeling that anything is possible."


—  Pat Jamieson, Producer & Curator

"During our work together, something profound happened, a shift that enabled me to comprehend the value of the work I do with clients. If you have any doubts about your next professional steps you need this woman on your team. She doesn't let you get away with much but she handles this with elegance and grace. She will bring you wisdom and her authentic self as she holds the mirror up to you in your transition.”


—  Rebecca Hartnell, Career Transition Coach

"Mel deserves her reputation, her good humour, trustworthiness and her logistical and diplomatic skills are invaluable because she is able to ‘translate’ between people with different backgrounds, disciplines, and constituencies with clarity and a refreshingly down-to-earth focus."

—  Dr Iain Biggs, Artist and Researcher, PLaCE Research Centre

“Mel has a unique ability to kick start the creative process. I arrived at her door feeling blocked and stuck, but the perceptiveness of her listening and enquiry enabled me to have new insights and perspective.  I loved the depth of conversation which unfolded, opening up creativity, humour, and a deeper sense of clarity and purpose. What Mel offers is rare - a generous gift of dynamic, creative collaboration. ”

—  Rebecca Smart, Art Psychotherapist MA & HCPC

“Mel is sympathetic, insightful and creative; she grasped the essence of the idea more precisely than I could, but at the same time was open to the new possibilities that came spinning off from it, and it is that openness that has enabled me to make a developed project proposal that still retains the simplicity and spirit of my original idea.”​


—  Phil Smith, Artist & Author

“Mel is professional, creative and dynamic with a particularly keen sense of good visual design coupled with a commitment to detail.  She is conscientious, thoughtful and full of strong creative ideas, a keen listener, natural motivator and always delivers to a high standard. ”​


—  Dr Victoria Walters, Artist & Researcher

“Mel is clear and insightful. Her guidance has allowed me to develop a clear path for my creative process, exploring where I am now and where I want to go. Change can be challenging, but the process has always felt safe.”​


—  David Smith, Artist & Digital Tutor

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